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Arnold is the powerful path tracing renderer that has taken the visual effects industry by storm. Designed and built to meet the demands of feature-length animation and VFX production it is used by over 300 studios globally; including ILM, Framestore, MPC, The Mill, Rodeo FX and Luma Pictures.

Guardians of the Galaxy, Iron Man, Thor, Gravity, Pacific Rim, Bird Man, Game of Throne and more recently Disney’s Tomorrowland are just some of the projects that have benefited from using Arnold as a primary renderer.

For those of you already working in Maya, Softimage, Houdini, Katana​​ and Cinema 4D, you may be glad to learn that Arnold supports plug-ins for each of these.


The rendering equation from which Arnold was developed


Benefits and Features

This physically-based path tracer is fast, memory efficient and scalable. It can be used on Linux, Windows and Mac OS X as a standalone renderer and is incredibly flexible thanks to an easy to use C++ API with Python bindings. Through this TDs and programmers can easily integrate Arnold into existing pipelines as well as customised toolsets.

Memory efficiency
Look forward to rendering scenes quickly with the help of hundreds of millions of unique primitives which let you achieve a significantly reduced memory footprint. This is down to Arnold’s compact and highly optimised data structures.

Arnold has great capacity for multi-thread performance, an important feature if you’re looking to optimise on the power provided by multi-core CPU processors. Hyper-threading through Arnold lets you avoid time and memory consuming bottlenecks - giving you the scalability and creative scope to meet the demands of today’s CG projects.

Arnold uses C++ API with Python bindings offering greater flexibility and customisation potential. Create custom cameras, light filters, shaders and output drivers or integrate into a variety of apps, both commercial and proprietary. With this renderer you’re given greater artistic control for a more efficient production pipeline.

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