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HDR Light Studio - Revolutionize Your Lighting
Light your shots placing light and reflections directly onto the 3D view – with a dynamic HDRI map generated on the fly. This revolutionary lighting technique allows 3D artists to light their shots faster and produces stunning final renders. Try the HDR Light Studio demo edition with your 3D software today, and experience for yourself a smarter way to light.

What is HDR Light Studio?
HDR Light Studio lets you easily create and edit HDRI environment maps in real-time. As you develop your custom HDRI map you see its lighting effect in real-time on your 3D scene - either by using HDR Light Studio connected 'Live' to your 3D app or using it standalone with the included interactive renderer - LiveLight. Click on your 3D model to move the active light to a new location on the HDRI map that will illuminate or be reflected in that part of your 3D model. We call this point and click approach to lighting your shot 'LightPaint'.

HDR Light Studio is much more than a HDR editor - it's a revolutionary new lighting tool that fits into your existing workflow. It's the fastest way to get your lighting vision out of your head, and onto the screen.

Use HDR Light Studio to:

  • Create a custom HDRI map for each shot as faster alternative to creating and moving lights or emitters in 3D to light your scenes
  • Create complex and precise lighting & reflections for reflective objects like products, jewelry and cars
  • Create professional studio lighting environments containing real studio light source captures
  • Load and control existing HDRI maps with local adjustments to exposure, color and saturation even adding additional lights. Re-light the HDR to emphasize the beauty of the subject, whilst maintaining the character and detail within the original HDRI
  • Create convincing lighting for CG objects placed into photographic backgrounds using color matching tools
  • Create a HDR environment as the foundation to your shot containing the majority of ambient lighting - as a result add far less CG light sources than ever before, only where you need them

HDR Light Studio: Benefits

  • Light shots faster
  • Quickly explore and perfect your lighting by placing lighting and edits directly in your shot with instant feedback.
  • Increase image quality
  • HDR Light Studio brings a higher level of control to your lighting through realistic HDR captures and procedural lighting and effects that will bring your materials to life.
  • Maximise existing content
  • Enhance and augment existing HDRI maps to control their effect on your shot. Create plausible lighting for use with existing back-plates using powerful color matching tools.
  • Compatibility
  • HDRI maps can be used by any renderer with predictable results. Lighting can be created standalone or through a live connection with your 3D software.
  • Reduce render times
  • Take advantage of image based lighting to significantly reduce your final render times or to light real-time assets.

Who uses HDR Light Studio?
HDR light Studio can be used to light any 3D content and is becoming an industry standard worldwide in automotive/product visualisation, photo/retouch/CGI studios and VFX studios.

  • "We were able to light accurately and in a very creative way, definitely making the process very enjoyable and intuitive for the lighting artist" Andy Rowan-Robinson, Framestore
  • "There is so much more freedom when lighting in HDR Light Studio. I can get the light bouncing off my models with a precision I just didn't have when using the inbuilt lights" George Royce - Head of Creative Imagery, hub+
  • "It changes the way we work in that it makes us focus on lighting more, and create subtle refined lighting effects that would be painstaking to create otherwise." Bruce Bigelow, Creative Director, Electric Art

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