Architectural visualisation is all about accuracy. Everything needs to work the way it would in the real world, and there’s no cutting corners.

Real world detail

In film or games you can get away with rendering only one side of a building, or just the exterior. In arch-viz you need to replicate exactly how the whole structure would work in the real world.
We understand your process and how we can help – from looking at your IES lighting profiles or rendering in a linear colour pipeline. By utilising the latest workflows used in the post production world we can set up your systems to generate images in a timely and cost effective fashion.

We know you

Your main production tool is your CAD package be it Revit, Autocad, Microstation, or Archicad. You’re working in 64 bit and looking at new BIM workflows, your data sizes are exploding affecting your server, storage, and network infrastructure. The result: your pipeline grinds to a halt.

Should you use GPU, CPU, render farm, distributed rendering, or even cloud rendering to solve your problems? We can put you on the right track.

Call Escape Technology and talk to one of our experts who can cover the options and get you to a solid production pipeline using the latest hardware and software.