We Are Education 

At Escape Technology we provide premier solutions to the UKs highest ranking education institutions

We do this by combining our industry knowledge and our extensive vendor network to ensure you have the latest kit,  guaranteeing course success. We are the ideal people to help you put your institution on the map, for both industry looking to hire and students looking to study.


We put the E in education 

Having the latest technology pipelines at your disposal is vital for your students to enter employment with the best possible grounding in modern processes and production.

Create classrooms of the future 

Our solutions will empower you to focus on the teaching and not the technology, giving you the freedom to provide a multi-curriculum solution and enabling you to grow your courses, grow your student population and grow your institution's reach.

Use best of breed technology, within budget 

Eradicate legacy equipment with regular refreshes paying with only 85% Total Cost of Ownership (TOC). This way you provide your students with the most up to date infrastructure whilst managing costs.

Empower students to unleash their creativity

Remove digital poverty by enabling your institution to have the right equipment, at the right time, at the right price,, so that you students can ‘always be on’ - be it either in the classroom, or via remote. 


The team at Escape Technology 

John Stopforth is Head of Education at Escape Technology. Having held positions across the commercial and education sectors since 1992.  John fully understands the creative, administrative, funding and technical challenges facing educators today. 

John, and the team at Escape Technology - which comprises of engineers, technologists, creatives and specialists from across the games, vfx, animation, production and software development worlds. Collectively their in-depth knowledge and experience of not just the intricacies of infrastructure, but how each of these things function day-to-day in a studio environment, will ensure that you get exactly what you need. We work in partnership with you, your department and IT team(s), and any other key stakeholders along the entire journey of the project - from ideation, install to fully operating. 



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