You’ve got to love a good game. Where else can you immerse yourself in a world full of deep visuals and rich characters? Or jump around a city as a frog. Yes, that’s a thing.

Games producers are responsible for some of the greatest advancements in technology optimisation. That sounds boring. They make things cooler, faster than any other industry. The reason is because there are limited resources available inside a game engine.

While the pipeline is similar, in films you have whole companies working to create a single output. In games you need to render at 60fps in real time. That’s drawing 60 different images every second. Mind = blown.

So games devs are closer to the original computer pioneers than anyone else at the moment – making the most out of a finite universe. Props to them for that then!

If you work in games (like make them, not sit in Second Life thinking you do a job) we can help you optimise your pipeline, enabling you to push the boundaries more than ever.