Long-form TV is the VFX middle ground, lying somewhere between commercials and film with the effects and features of film required at commercials resolutions and timescales with a lot less budget.

While it tells a continuous narrative like film, long-form is much longer than film could ever be. Series like Doctor Who or 24 use story-telling devices unique to their shows, but they need to keep changing while the concept remains central to the plot. The audience and producers expect to see more of the same stories they’ve come to love, but they always want a new twist and bigger better effects.

With the use of an effective scalable pipeline you can respond quickly to changing demands of work – ramping things up when you land a big job and scaling down to a skeleton crew in between utilising  virtualised workstations and render facilities.

Escape Technology’s technical and sales experts have had plenty of experience working with long-form production houses. Either from working in them in previous lives or setting up full pipelines, they’re on hand to get you the scalable solutions you need. So This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we’ll put you in touch with the people you need.