Adobe DC – Latest and Greatest

Friday, 07 December 2018 17:27
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Adobe DC – Latest and Greatest

Adobe’s latest DC release adapts to changes in contemporary work flow

Technology driven businesses have been using PDF as a document format for over 25 years, a period that’s seen a shift in working practices owing to the emergence of mobile-based computing and comms – especially since the birth of the cloud. Over 200bn PDFs were opened through Adobe products in 2017 alone, a figure that reflects the necessity for DC’s improvement and adaptation to contemporary working practices.

Adobe’s latest version of Document Cloud (DC) has adapted to stay at the forefront of this change, ensuring they stay versatile and enable users to work cohesively on PDF documents across an array of different devices, now including portable mediums and touchscreens.

This release impacts any user who has need for e-signing, PDF editing, converting, and sharing, with Adobe Director of Emerging Business (EMEA) Mark Greenaway stating that Adobe has “reimagined what’s possible with PDF”, focussing on providing improved collaboration, versatility and mobility functionality to new and existing users.

PDF Reviewing and Collaborative Innovation

When talking about collaborative software, Adobe products instantly leap to the forefront of any conversation; as is the case with this new release of DC. The new PDF review functionality is a particular highlight of the redesign, clearly aimed at streamlining collaborative activity between multiple parties. The feature enables the ability to keep commentary within the PDF itself, eliminating the need for any extra back and forth comms outside of the platform.

This update also affords the user the ability to create PDF distribution lists within the software, send invitations to editors, monitor who views the document, and enhances overall cohesion across multiple platforms.

The ability to access Adobe sign (another handy utensil) is now available with this latest release as well as access granted via Acrobat Reader. This enables easier access, granting the ability to have documents signed and shared hassle-free with signatories as necessary.  

Both Document Cloud and Adobe continue to innovate, keeping in line with their established high standard that has endured the rise and expansion of the PDF, consistently offering compelling and productivity inducing means of user engagement.

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