V-Ray for Houdini Beta launches

Friday, 10 August 2018 13:01
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V-Ray for Houdini Beta launches

3D artists and animators using Houdini can now try out Chaos Group’s most powerful CPU & GPU renderer, V-Ray.

V-Ray is compatible with Houdini, introducing a plethora of tools and features including:

Fast Rendering

High performance GPU and CPU rendering makes V-Ray ideal for final frame work and look development pipelines.

Volume Rendering

Users can use VDB volumes through V-Ray’s volume grid to take advantage of fast and accurate illumination rendering.

V-Ray Scene Support

Transfer and override the properties of V-Ray scenes from other 3D applications including 3ds Max and Maya

Alembic Support

Alembic workflows are fully supported and include instancing, transformations, and per-object material overrides.

Physical Hair

Realistic hair with accurate highlights can now be rendered thanks to new physical hair shaders.


Drive shader parameters including alpha, colour and particle size. 

Instancing and Light Instances

V-Ray for Houdini supports object copying using Instancepath, Instancer, and Packed Primitives attributes. Instancing of light is also supported giving you options for per-instance overrides of light parameters.

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