Pre Visualisation

Our team has a long history in VFX, including pre-visualisation. We know that you’ll be relying heavily on your GPU, and that it’s essential to get the right throughput for what you’re visualising.

Advanced help

Pre-visualisation can save mishaps on set and some money whenever you’re planning a shoot. It enables film-makers to create what is essentially an accurate moving storyboard, ensuring you arrive on set with the right equipment and a precise vision of your shots in mind. And since everything created in pre-viz is completely to scale, you’ll know your physical constraints and requirements ahead of time.

Don’t work without it

Pre-viz work is vital. Especially on larger, more complicated projects. Without it you could find yourself having to create new shots on site, which can compromise the integrity of the final piece or be very expensive to implement.

So if you need help setting up a pre-viz workflow, or just need some friendly advice, then give us a call.