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3D-Coat is a comprehensive 3D design tool. Sculpt, paint and render inside a single program, with new advanced tools in the 4.7 version. 

New in 3D-Coat 4.7

The latest version of 3D-Coat includes a new Physically Based Shader, anti-aliased painting, new retopology tools, new primitives and even the capacity to export your models for 3D printing. 

Voxel sculpting

Voxel sculpting is based on volume building and filling rather than surface deformation. Dynamically changing your sculpture without worrying about topology gives you more creative freedom. This is also speeded up by CUDA acceleration. 

Anti-aliased painting

Per pixel painting (PPP) is a fast and precise painting approach - and in v4.7 it has improved speed for working with big texture resolution, big polygons and materials dependent on cavity. All painting - including PPP, Vertex Painting, MV and Ptex - is anti-aliased now too. 


If your 3D model doesn't have a UV-set or you want to change an existing one or you've just retopologized your voxel sculpture and like to make a UV-set you are able to do all these things right within 3D-Coat in a very fast way. 3D-Coat offers powerful tools for making and editing UV-sets. You can edit separate UV islands, faces, edges or vertices. There is a possibility to manage several UV-sets.

Retopology and Auto-Retopology

New to v4.7, the 3D-Coat's highly respected Retopo shaders are now PBR-compatible. Create new topology, or save time using Auto-Retopology.

Intuitive Interface

3D-Coat has a clear and customisable interface, so it's easy to learn and master. 


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