Corona Renderer

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A new photorealistic renderer for 3ds Max, Corona shows striking results. With both biased and unbiased rendering functions, this CPU renderer is making waves in architectural visualisation.

Ease of use and final image quality are prioritised in Corona, but the main differentiator with this renderer is speed. With multi-threaded processing, displacement precomputing and Intel Embree Ray Tracing Kernels among a list of performance improvements, power is key here. Corona’s fully ray traced subsurface scattering is also amazingly speedy.

The UI has been designed to minimise hassle, making Corona quick to learn and easy to use. Options for increased flexibility include reducing render time by rendering glass without caustics, altering environment maps and making adjustments while rendering.

For artists working in architectural visualisation, the material preview uses the same rendering engine as the final frame rendering – so you know what your final image will look like earlier. The GGX microfacet model produces highly realistic metals and glossy materials. You can use HDRI, IES files, Sun & Sky system, 3ds Max lights or Corona lights to light scenes, with no sampling multipliers or need to create artificial fill or dome lights.

The pictures say it all. The Corona Renderer is a very impressive full CPU renderer.