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EFS Storage

EFS is a software defined ecosystem uniquely tailored for media centric environments which:

  • Presents a single namespace eliminating management of multiple storage volumes
  • Enables you to seamlessly add capacity - simply connect anther storage node and EFS rebalances the distribution of data
  • Scales from single storage node to enterprise cluster
  • Delivers a combination of dedicated metadata servers, optimized metadata structure, and managed transactional intensity - every frame of every file is delivered on time, every time

Share collaborative projects and media with creative users working on-premise and in the cloud.  Build the workflows you want on top of an open platform that integrates with industry-leading creative tools from Adobe, Apple, Avid, Autodesk, BlackMagic Design and more.  Mix and match creative tools while enjoying project sharing and bin locking capabilities in a multi-collaboration environment.




EFS 450

A 3-node, 192TB entry-level cluster with over 2.3GB/s of bandwidth that can scale linearly to more than unlimited capacity



Enterprise-scale high-performance shared storage for media production



An entry level server that can scale to a three-node configuration supporting 360TB


Metadata Controller

The 'control system' for the movement and connections to any large-scale deployment of multiple EFS nodes



Engineered for bandwidth-hungry formats such as uncompressed DPX, DNxHR and ProRes 4444 - scaling from 8TB to 5PB



A storage node intended for 'parking' media that needs immediate accessibility but at the extreme speed of an online production workflow



The solution for backing up your content to tape or disk - whether temporary, short-term, or permanent archive


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