Golaem 7

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For those with plans more epic than their budgets, Golaem is the population tool of choice. From an orc invasion to a beach party to a couple of kids on a street corner, the latest version of this popular character simulation software gives time back to artists so they can focus on the action.

Emmy Award winning Golaem 7 is one of the industry’s crowd simulation tools of choice. And it’s latest update marks a huge leap forward in the technology.

Golaem’s new Character Layout tool offers procedural functionality, giving artists the freedom to use Population Vignettes to generate crowds in their shots – editing them later as needed. Population Vignettes are essentially proxies for characters, which can be edited with directable layers.

Round Trip with Unreal

Population Vignettes can be loaded into Unreal Engine with a new plugin for Golaem. Refresh scenes on the go in Maya and see changes across the whole project. This new workflow completely avoids the need to bake alembic caches, saving time and – crucially – budget.