Golaem Crowd

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For those with plans more epic than their budgets, Golaem is the population tool of choice. From an orc invasion to a beach party to a couple of kids on a street corner, the latest version of this popular character simulation software gives time back to artists so they can focus on the action.

Golaem integrates beautifully with Autodesk Maya with an interface that is highly intuitive, based on Maya workaday objects. It’s easy to learn and is used by artists worldwide for commercials, episodic productions, feature films and games.

Relying on AI, Golaem automatically snaps characters to the ground and generates variations in appearance and behaviour to make your extras come alive. As well as this, each variation can be altered independently, giving the artist ultimate control over the shot.

Golaem Layout

Make your workflow smoother and more affordable with Golaem Layout. Already included in the Golaem licence, Golaem Layout can be purchased separately at a cheaper price, for visualising, retaking and batch exporting.

This means that junior artists can retake or layout simulations using Golaem Layout, and artists using full Golaem licences aren’t slowed down waiting for their simulations to export – they can use a few Golaem Layout licences instead to batch export the simulations on the farm.

Golaem Layout is designed to be ready to use. If you’re starting with an existing simulation, you can create shots quickly and easily, without the need for extra training.

Purchase Golaem Layout separately.