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A professional workstation at a low cost, the HP Z240 is smaller than the others in the HP Z range, and is a great entry level machine. Available in two form factors, the Z240 can be modified to meet your creative needs.

Personalised and powerful

The Z240 can come with either Intel Xeon or i7 processors, and can handle graphics cards up to the NVIDIA Quadro M4000. The workstation is easy to customise, so you can spec your workstation to optimise your pipeline. It is also fully tested to ensure durability – supported by the same three year next day onsite warranty as for the more powerful workstations in the HP Z range.

Z240 Tower and Z240 Small Form Factor

The tower is already smaller than the Z440, coming in at 399mm x 338mm x 442mm (standard orientation), and fits under a desk.

The Z240 SFF is even slighter, taking up 100mm x 338mm x 381mm (standard orientation) on a desktop.