BlueStor™ PCIe Extender Storage System

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The BlueStor™ PCIe Extender Storage System is an Enterprise-class product featuring 16 hot-swappable 3 Gb/s or 6 Gb/s SAS/SATA disk drive bays, four highvelocityhot-swappable cooling fans, dual 350W (N+1) hotswappable power supplies, an internal SAS Expander for single cable connection to a SAS host controller, and a 5-slot PCI Express (PCIe) backplane providing expansion ports for any compatible user-installed PCIe cards. The Gen 2 PCI Express backplane has 5 x8 PCIe slot and is supplied with a x16 PCIe host switch card.

The sixteen SAS/SATA disk drives are connected by an internal SAS controller occupying one or two of the five PCIe slots. The remaining three or four PCIe slots may be used for any PCIe compatible cards including NICs, HBAs, RAID controllers, etc. The BlueStor™ PCIe Extender essentially extends your host server’s PCI Express bus outside the server, providing additional slots for any application; the sixteen drive storage subsystem shared in the common Extender enclosure may or may not be utilized, at the user’s option.

Key feature and benefits of the BlueStor™ PCIe Extender Storage System also includes - 

  • 3U 16-Bay Rackmount Enclosure
  • Sixteen 3.5" Disk Canisters
  • Hot Swappable HDDs
  • Dual Hot Swappable Power Supplies
  • SAS/SATA Interface to the drives
  • Optional SATA Interface to the drives
  • Up to 48 TB Capacity (per enclosure) with SATA drives
  • Up to 9.6 TB Capacity (per enclosure) with SAS 15K drives
  • Five x8 PCIe Slots
  • SAS/SATA JBOD or RAID Controller
  • One PCIe x8 Host Connection