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Clothing design for film, TV, and video games has never been easier thanks to Marvelous Designer. With its extensive toolset any garment can be created. From basic clothes to intricately designed high fashion pieces, artists have everything they need to replicate fabric physics and textures in 3D.

Used by studios including Creative Assembly, Framestore, and Passion Pictures Marvelous Designer gives artists the power to create breathtaking photorealistic clothing on screen.

Marvelous Designer key features


Currently in beta, Marvelous Designer’s remeshing tool uses automatic retopology to give clothing models a simpler mesh structure.


Intricate clothing designs and textures can be sculpted using a multitude of brush tools.

3D Sewing

Traditional garment construction can be replicated in 3D with Marvelous Designer’s intuitive sewing toolkit.

Garment pattern creation

Using UV maps 2D garment patterns can be extracted from imported 3D models. Patterns can then be cut and sewn together using 3D sewing, giving clothes an extra layer of authenticity.

Arrangement Points and Bounding Volumes

Marvelous Designer will automatically create Arrangement Points and Bounding Volumes based on an imported avatar, making sure clothing fits perfectly.

Adjust trim weight

Created to replicate fabric simulation, artists can use trim and weight tools to change the drape of their garment depending on how much weight is being applied.