Massive for 3ds Max

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Massive is and remains the market-leading crowd simulation software. Following on from Massive for Maya, the latest release – Massive for 3ds Max – is designed to improve architectural visualisation and design workflows. It is now possible to use Massive directly within the Max environment, with tools designed to be intuitive to learn and start applying.

The only crowd simulation software to feature characters controlled by artificial intelligence, Massive makes characters that can immediately react to changes in their environment. The Ambient Agent (one of Massive’s Ready to Run Agents) comes free with Massive for Max. This Agent comes pre-built to mill about, so it can be dropped straight into a shot. Particularly, Massive have responded to requests from designers and architects and upgraded the Ready to Run Agents to work better in foreground as well as background shots.

The Massive agents are visible in the preview and batch renders, so you can use Max lighting tools easily.

At the moment, Massive for Max supports the renderers 3Delight, Mental Ray and V-Ray. It also supports all render managers, and because batch rendering doesn’t require an extra license, renders can be executed on render farms.

Overall, Massive for Max prioritises ease of use and high compatibility. If you are Max user then give Nick a call to talk about all things Massive.