Massive Jet

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What Is Massive Jet™?
Massive Jet™ is designed with a streamlined and easy to use workflow to make AI-driven animation available to all animation and visual effects professionals. Using agents from Massive's Ready–to–Run Library™ or those created in Massive Prime™ you can fill a stadium, get thousands of digital actors to walk over a hill, or create a huge battle set in medieval times.

The 5 Steps of Massive Jet™

  • Load Terrain & Camera - Bring your terrain model and camera into Jet from your favourite 3D package.
  • Place Agents - Load Ready–to–Run agents or your own custom agents. Use Jet's high level controls for placement and directing.
  • Run Simulation - Press the go button and have agents perform while their motion is recorded to disk.
  • Light - Bring in your lights from your favourite 3D package or use Jet’s interactive lighting UI.
  • Render - Zoom through renders with our new hardware accelerated rendering, or with our efficient software render pipeline.

It's really that simple!