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The intuitive node based interface of Massive Prime allows artists to interactively create AI enabled agents. The Brain Editor AI toolset gives artists the freedom to build custom responses for the specific behavior they want to simulate, without any programming. The Motion Tree workflow and integrated Action Editor allow keyframed or motion captured animations to be linked to the brain. Massive Prime and Massive Jet both include Smart Stunts and our GPU–accelerated renderer, Massive Velocity.

Features Specific Only to Massive Prime 

Parts Library

Speed up the process of creating realistic crowd scenes by using a set of pre-built 'brain parts' to construct behavioural patterns for Agents. The brain is stored separately from the Agent so it is easy to share with several characters and between projects. This new addition to Massive Prime helps you create complex scenes much faster, and without using code.

Motion Tree Editor

The Motion Tree is used to design the agent's motion, which then becomes an integral part of the agent. The output from the Motion Tree can then be used as a take list for the mocap session. This Motion Tree workflow, along with the integrated Action Editor, allows keyframed or motion captured animation clips to be actions linked to the brain.

Brain Editor

The intuitive node based Brain Editor interface allows artists to interactively create AI=enabled agents without any programming. The AI toolset gives artists the freedom to build custom AI logic for the specific behavior they want to simulate.

API and Scripting

The Massive Application Programmer's Interface (API) allows the development of C/C++ plug-ins. Python and TCL scripts can be executed either in the Massive text port or from an agent’s brain.

Smart Stunts

Massive's digital stunts are controlled by dynamics that pull from real motion capture data. Filmmakers can direct the motions and reactions they want with real stunt actors and then import these actions into a Massive agent to give direction and character to the agent's performance.

Cloth Editor

Massive cloth can be created using arbitrary geometry, and can be used to generate flowing robes, cloaks, flags and much more. The thickness, flexibility and elasticity of the cloth are controlled intuitively.


Import Maya skeletons, Maya animation, Acclaim skeletons and motion files, BVH motion files.

Action Editor

A motion editing program for importing the motion. Cross fade looping editor is a convenient way of creating seamless loops. Prepare clips for Massive. Quality of motion. Its integrated motion editing built into Massive so you don't need to use another program import and can edit it in context.

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