SpectraView Reference 271

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The NEC SpectraView 271 is a professional Reference Colour Display with a high-end professional wide gamut 10-bit P -IPS performance LCD monitor for colour critical applications with outstanding features and benefits for best picture quality and colour accuracy, outstanding ergonomics and economics.

The ideal display for all creative professionals, designers, photographers, precision engineers and anyone who cannot accept compromise on colour accuracy.
Key features and benefits of the NEC SpectraView® 271 also includes -

  • Backlight Ageing Correction - brightness and white point.
  • Consistent Colour Viewing - with 10-bit P-IPS 16:9 TFT display.
  • Ergonomically Mastered - comfortable viewing with ErgoDesign® and TORO™ design.
  • Facility to create and calibrate - thanks to the SpectraView® Profiler software, the SpectraView® certifier document and detachable black light protection hood including accessories.
  • True Colours - with a wide colour gamut (107% size / 98% coverage AdobeRGB) and hardware calibration with 14-bit LUT (look up table) for 42-bit colour control and gamma correction, irrespective of colour and input.
  • Zero Defect Pixel Warranty - up to 6 months after date of purchase.
  • Special Characteristics - Adjustable power LED (colour and brightness), AmbiBright , Auto Black Level , Auto Brightness, Auto Contrast, AutoBright , Backlight Ageing Correction , CableComp with Sync Continuity Detection, Consistent colour viewing with 10-bit P -IPS 16:9 TFT, DDC/CI compatible, Digital Uniformity Control (ColorComp) , Direct Brightness and Contrast, EcoModes , GammaComp (14 bit Look Up Table) and 14 bit Gamma Correction, NaViSet®and NaViSet®Administrator compatible, OmniColor™ : sRGB and 6-Axis-Colour-Control, Overdrive, Picture-in-Picture Mode , Quick release Stand and Handle, Rapid Response Technology , RapidMotion, Self Diagnostics, SpectraView® Profiler Software, TileComp , TileMatrix , TORO™ Design , Windows 7 compatible