RealFlow | Cinema 4D

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RealFlow comes to Cinema4D, unlocking the potential to create awe inspiring liquid, smoke, and particle effects.

Realflow | Cinema 4D simplifies your workflow by fully integrating with Cinema 4D, enabling you to create high-end fluid simulations within one application. Whether you’re looking to create a vast ocean, burn down a building, or engulf your scene in a sandstorm, you’ll find all you need in RealFlow | Cinema 4D.

Key Features

  • Material simulation
  • Simulate granular, viscous, rigid, elastic, and viscoelastic effects.
  • Fluid interactions 
    Mix fluids with different properties in the same scene, enabling them to interact with one another.
  • Volume tag for objects
    RealFlow will see your Cinema 4D objects exactly the way you want it to, regardless of collisions.
  • Mask parameters in emitter nodes
    Avoid particle emissions inside objects that are colliding with fluids.
  • Meshing of cached fluids
    Mesh your fluids without simulating your scene again, enabling you to fine tune your mesh in finer detail.
  • Particle skinner daemon
    This deformer lets Cinema 4D objects adjust their shapes to RealFlow particles.
  • Force daemon falloffs
    Falloffs in Cinema 4D are now a part of RealFlow force Daemons, giving you an extra layer of Falloff customisation.
  • Kill daemon falloffs
    An exclusive feature to Realflow | Cinema 4D, lets you decide when and to where kill particles to the finest detail