RenderMan 22

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RenderMan is the Academy Award winning renderer made by Disney’s Pixar, specifically designed for film and TV visual effects. With RenderMan 22, Pixar takes production rendering to a new level with photorealism, a redesigned core for interactive rendering of shaders, lights, and geometry, and some epic live rendering options.

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Live rendering is one the most exciting features of RenderMan 22. Artists have access to a lightning fast iterative workflows, giving you the tools you need to generate new versions for feedback on the fly. 

Advanced lighting technologies - used in Pixar’s own films including Cars 3 and Incredibles 2 - have also been included. 


RenderMan 22 retains the RIS architectural factoring and composability features introduced over the last several releases. Many scenes built for RenderMan 21 will render with no change in version 22. However, the latest version introduces significant updates to system architecture, APIs, and data handling that enable its new interactive live rendering capabilities. 

"Artist freedom and productivity are both critical to large scale productions" said SVP Technology & Infrastructure, Production Services Damien Fagnou, “MPC Film chooses RenderMan because it is always driven forward by the requirements of real productions, and the latest release reflects that. It is a platform that provides great artistic versatility, scalable productivity, and inventive technical solutions that support the team in delivering ground breaking visuals for major feature films.”

Performance Breakdown

  • Speed increase — 10% to 2x faster
  • Memory Reduction — 10% to 30% less memory required
  • Time to First Pixel — 20% to 10x faster
  • New Ray Tracing Core — Pure tracing 3x faster
  • Light Discovery — Large numbers of lights render 25% faster
  • Curve Rewrite — 2x to 6x faster and less memory
  • Particle Improvements — 2x faster and 30% less memory