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PixStor is a storage and network solution addressing the challenges of todays media production environment. It’s hugely scalable and efficient with guaranteed performance when you need it. 

If the move into 4K and growing demands for high definition content is putting your current infrastructure under pressure, PixStor provides a predictable, cost effective architecture that scales exactly how you need it to.

Pixit Media have a refreshing company philosophy - the less you buy the better they’ve done their job. Through this they break the mould of traditional storage and network business models. PixStor is developed to reduce continual scaling costs and the physical footprint. Each server is capable of delivering enough storage and network performance to meet the needs of content formats and resolutions all the way up to uncompressed 8K.

PixStor is a high-performance scale-out NAS and SAN solution. A unified, modular architecture that treats storage and network as a single workflow entity delivering sustained, guaranteed performance to an unlimited number of streaming and file-sharing clients from a central location. Check out this NUKE Studio example >>

Benefits and Features


  • Offering the performance, capacity and scalability needed for just about any size team or project.
  • Reduce your growth and support costs with vendor independent commodity components.
  • Get great performance with zero TB licensing costs. Scale up your storage capacity without massive hardware expense.


  • Designed to support HD, 2K and 4K workflows.
  • Forget about performance impact from file system fragmentation or reaching high levels of high disk capacity.
  • A performance guaranteed solution


  • Pixit Media like to be transparent. There’s no additional or hidden license requirements and you get bonus features such as snapshots, quotas and storage tiering included.
  • All within a single namespace you find efficient asset-aware data management features that let you match the flow of your data with the flow of your work. 
  • Predict future requirements or identify trends in your storage performance and availability with a web-based monitoring feature. 
  • When you need accelerated collaborative activity on a global scale, integrate with PixCache. A powerful and efficient solution independent of a hardware location. 

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