ZBrushCore 2018

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ZBrushCore features the essential elements of ZBrush 2018, giving you the tools you need to design and create your own digital sculptures.

Designed with aspiring 3D artists, freelancers, and smaller studios in mind ZBrushCore is an approachable application featuring a streamlined tool set that includes sculpting brushes, mesh generation tools, and rendering. Along with generating 3D sculptures quickly and easily you’ll also be able to add the finer details into your projects with options for painting, masking, and polygrouping models.

Key Features:

VDM Brushes (Vector Displacement Mesh Brushes)
Gizmo 3D Deformers and Primitives
3D Text and Shape Creator
Decimation Master Plugin with Presets
3D Print Hub Plugin
Base Mesh Generation with multiple-mesh support
3D painting capabilities
Basic BPR and ZBrush to KeyShot Bridge support