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Quick, reliable and great value for money, Samsung’s SSDs are the business. We use them in our Flame systems and NUKE Studio boxes, but they’re well worth the investment in any artist’s workstation.

There are several benefits of solid state drives over hard drives – though for reasons of economy, these will usually be used in combination. Without moving parts, SSDs are fast and basically silent. The Samsung SSDs are also extremely reliable.

Unlike other manufacturers, Samsung designs its SSD components in-house. With this level of control, they can ensure the highest level of performance, combined with great energy efficiency. Of the thousands of Samsung SSDs that Escape Technology have sold, to date we know of only three that have failed.

The SSDs are based on Samsung’s own, powerful V-NAND architecture, which stacks cell layers on top of one another. This results in much higher speed, density, read/write performance and endurance than conventional flash.

For the most intensive tasks, the PM863 and SM863 are the true workhorses. Designed for data centres, they are able to run 24/7 with sustained performance and consistently low latency. The PM863 is designed for mixed read and write workloads, while the SM863 is specifically write-intensive.