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3DEqualizer4 is an industry leading software solution for 3D tracking live action footage with digital VFX assets. An essential tool for VFX professionals over the past two decades, it marks the cornerstone of modern post production. If VFX is used to enhance a project, no doubt 3DEqualizer played a part in it’s creation.


This 3D tracking tool is made up of proprietary technology that ranges from 3D calculation cores, over 2D tracking engines to realtime image decompression/manipulation routines. Working closely with the artists who use it, the development team are constantly evolving this tool with new features.


Main Features

Unique Solver

This robust and precise feature allows you to identify and eliminate inconsistent or incorrect 2D tracking or outlier. Utilising an automated technique this tool computes individual weighting curves for each point on a frame-by-frame basis.

Optimisation for Speed and Efficiency

3DE4 is optimised to meet the needs of modern VFX teams. With speed in mind, this tool can distribute jobs over a network with incredibly quick response times.

Deep Python Integration

Pipeline integration and flexibility is made possible through a Python scripting interface. It has more than 650 individual commands proving access to 3DE4's internal data structures.

Lens Distortion

Through its build in distortion models, 3DE4 is designed to manage every possible lens distortion situation for spherical, anamorphic or fisheye lenses. As well as that, in the situation where zoom can cause issues in distortion, focus pull or both - this no longer poses a problem. This us due to it’s powerful 1D- and 2D- lookup table tools, as well as parameter curve optimisation.


Starting from 16 January 2017 there is a new price option for 1 and 3 month subscriptions. The price for a 12 month subscription will remain the same.

If you currently have an active subscription and don't cancel, the price will not change. The new price only applies to those who cancel their subscription and return to it after a number of weeks or months.