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3DEqualizer4 is an industry leading software solution for 3D tracking live action footage with digital VFX assets. An essential tool for VFX professionals over the past two decades, it marks the cornerstone of modern post production. If VFX is used to enhance a project, no doubt 3DEqualizer played a part in it’s creation.


Main Features

Unique Solver

This robust and precise feature allows you to identify and eliminate inconsistent or incorrect 2D tracking or outlier. Utilising an automated technique this tool computes individual weighting curves for each point on a frame-by-frame basis.

Optimisation for Speed and Efficiency

3DE4 is optimised to meet the needs of modern VFX teams. With speed in mind, this tool can distribute jobs over a network with incredibly quick response times.

Deep Python Integration

Integrating 3DE4 into any existing production pipeline, is made easy through its Python scripting interface. More than 800 individual commands provide access to 3DE4's internal data structures. In addition, complex and feature rich user interface extensions can be scripted which makes 3DE4 even more flexible.

Lens Distortion

Through its built in distortion models, 3DE4 is designed to manage every possible lens distortion situation for spherical, anamorphic or fisheye lenses. As well as that, in the situation where zoom can cause issues in distortion, focus pull or both - this no longer poses a problem. This is due to its powerful 1D- and 2D- lookup table tools, as well as parameter curve optimisation.


3DE4 R7.0 now available

The newest release of 3DEqualizer4 is out now! Including Python 3.7 support, a general GUI overhaul and more. Check out the below list for added features and fixed bugs in 3DE4 7.0


More added features in R7.0

  • 3DE4 now runs natively on Apple Silicon CPUs (only).
  • Improvements to real-time rendering of undistorted fisheye footage significantly (F1/F3/F5/F6) and improved mathematical robustness of fisheye distortion model
  • Feature added for to help ordering of saving the order of to be adjusted parameters (para adjust window)
  • 3DE ID password prevented from being displayed
  • Feature added for exporting focus data to Maya (v2.8)
  • Autosave back-ups of current project  added
  • Feature added to rotomation editor for copy/paste of curve data, exchange with curve editor
  • Feature added to object pgroup z-distance tool for copy/paste of curve data, exchange with curve editor
  • F1/F5 horizon line (attr.editor->project) look configuring added
  • Import UV texture maps incl. alpha channel
  • F6 ortho mode reconfigured, so that clipping planes are much more usable
  • Warp4 removed from GUI and distribution
  • R7.0 personal learning edition


Bug fixes

  • Fixed a bug which could cause script "align to ref pattern" from stop working (v1.2)
  • Fixed a bug which caused flcd's system ID to change under windows (once and for all)
  • Fixed a update bug when generating UV texture maps (Windows only)
  • Fixed a bug which could cause 3DE to crash (rare, parameter adjust window->advanced options)
  • Fixed a bug which caused Attribute Editor custom scripts not to receive update callbacks
  • Fixed a bug which caused tde4mhpd not to work properly ("/sbin/route command not found")
  • Fixed a bug which caused script "normalize squeeze x/y" not to work properly
  • Fixed a bug which could cause 3DE to crash when setting extra-long list widget labels
  • Fixed a bug which could cause 3DE to crash (lock pos. channels)
  • Fixed a performance problem with "empty" reference frames (solver)
  • Fixed a bug which made it impossible to import 3DE's export data into blender 2.8