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IgNite is SiNi Software’s flagship product. An essential add-on for 3ds Max users, it features tools and plugins to speed up time-consuming tasks and simplify your workflow. 

IgNite Plugins


Setup your HDRI lighting with one click. Illumi gives artists an intuitive interface to setup 3D lighting to match your HDRI file.

  • Supported renderers: V-Ray, Corona, Mental Ray, FStorm, Moskito
  • Review HDRI thumbnails
  • One click HDRI rigging tool with exposure control
  • Manage and install your own HDRI library
  • Includes a collection of twelve 15k HDRI files from HDRI Skies


Clean up CAD drawings with this shape and spline manipulation toolset. 

  • Spline diagnostics will help users repair reversed splines, open/broken splines, overlapping segments, and CAD blocks
  • Conform splines to any surface
  • Live optimise, subdivide, and outline tools
  • Bulk detach and attach spines or shapes


Repair geometry and 3d models imported from Rhino, Revit, and SketchUp using SiNi Software’s polygon and mesh manipulation toolset. 

  • Retopologize terrain
  • Find and remove double faces and isolated vertices
  • Bulk detach and attach tools
  • Unify polygon and mesh normals
  • Manipulate material IDs