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For a very long time MAX users have been seeking a tool that is able to control the volume "look and feel" independent of the actual light settings.

Finally, we have developed such tool for you!

ScatterVL Pro will let you alter any aspect of volumetric light, even to use own projector map! Included SVL Caustic Map plugin enables caustics inside the volume. Since this map is actually faking caustics effect, rendering times are pretty close as rendering with Shadow Maps.

Have you ever wanted to see colored volume shadows cast by MAX raytraced shadows but MAX VLight does not support them? That time of incompatibility in MAX is over.
ScatterVL Pro can use Raytraced Shadows the same way as Shadow Maps. ScatterVL Pro can even use DOF, or Glow! You can choose between updating Z-buffer, Mtl, or Object buffer as an Effect, or Video Post entry.

By using FusionWorks, our latest technology for advanced atmospherics effects, ScatterVL Pro effect will properly blend with fog and FumeFX.