1U Workstation

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Do you have a need to access enterprise class hardware at your desk without having to make compromises in terms of space, heat and noise? Or maybe you have staff that work remotely and you would like them to be able to access their machine globally as if they were sitting at their desktop with full support for USB devices etc?

Boston's new range of remote workstations and server solutions allow users to extend the machine of their choice to their desktop - worldwide! Whereas traditional remote computing technologies can be useful there are performance latency issues when asked to handle graphic intensive tasks or handle data over long distances.

Boston's approach implements the innovative PCoIP protocol to encrypt and encode the entire computing experience at the host machine and transmitting "pixels only" across a standard IP network to stateless PCoIP desktop devices. Finally enterprise PC's and workstations can be centrally managed in a datacenter whilst at the same time providing high resolution, full frame rate 3D graphics and HD media with full USB interoperability locally over a LAN or remotely over a high-latency WAN.

Key features and benefits of the Boston Roamer 1100-7EP include - 

  • 1U Remote Workstation Solution
  • Dual HD 1080p display, Audio and USB Redirection
  • Dual Intel Xeon X5650 CPU's
  • 12GB of DDR-3 ECC Registered Memory
  • 2 x Hot Pluggable 1TB S-ATA HDDs in RAID 1 Configuration
  • Quadro 4000 Professional Graphics with 2GB RAM
  • Integrated IPMI Remote Management