Diskstation DS2415+

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Need some epic performance from your centralised storage? Synology’s DS2415+ used a quad-core processor to deliver speeds that rival that of thought itself.

Easily scalable, incredibly powerful, and featuring an award-winning operating system, the DS2415+ is a hassle-free answer to your storage needs. A passive cooling system reduces dependency on the processor cooling fan, mitigating points of critical failure.

The DS2415+ can also act as your all-in-one server, giving you a competitive edge. How? Magic. Magic in the form of a fully integrated LDAP service, while DNS and DHCP packages give you all the tools you need to host your own domain name server and automate network IP assignment. All out of the box. It pretty much does everything you need a web host to do – send and receive emails, safeguard your office environment, share printing capability, and even run your own VPN.

You can even back up data from one DS2415+ to another, enhancing efficiency and giving you the flexibility to restore your server to any point in its history.

All in all it’s a practically perfect solution to centralised storage and server requirements.