Diskstation DS3615xs

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Running a large scale business and need a whopping amount of centralised storage? Alright. Synology’s DS3615xs 12 bay NAS enclosure is the ideal desktop storage solution for data protection and asset storage.

The chances of you needing more space any time soon are basically zero. But when the time comes for you to expand – because it always does – then there’s no problem; the DS3615xs can take two DX1215 expansion units giving you up to 216TB of raw storage. So there’s some more peace of mind for you.

Naturally it also features the standards you would expect from any Synology NAS, including the award-winning operating system. It also comes with a Central Management System for business with more than one NAS to connect to, and gives you the scalability you need for growth.

And with a dedicated hardware encryption engine you can be certain that your data will remain secure. By encrypting data on the fly files and folders can be kept from prying eyes, making the DS3615xs the ideal storage locker for sensitive information.