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PFTrack is a camera tracking and matchmoving tool designed to give 3D artists all they need to tackle 3D scene reconstruction in a one easy to use tool. A favourite within the VFX industry, it makes light work of complex geometry builds, detailed per-pixel depth maps and stereoscopic renders of 3D scenes.

At its foundation is The Pixel Farm’s own 3D camera tracking technology, offering the unique ability to assign accurate death cues to image pixels relative to real-world camera positions. Combining a collection of CG integration tools, you can sculpt, edit, segment, filter and combine objects to accurately recreate world space, camera and object movements from live action plates while rebuilding environments with CG elements.

PFTrack 2017 - New Features:

The Pixel Farm team don’t rest when it comes to improving PFTrack for users. And the 2017 release is possibly the biggest upgrade since the introduction of the highly acclaimed node tree in 2011. Here are just some of the highlights for this new release:

PFDepth completely integrated into PFTrack

PFDepth has been completely integrated into the PFTrack Tree. Now you can create and generate depth maps automatically from real-world camera metrics, save huge amounts of time with advanced rotoscoping tools, convert any 2D footage into 3D and benefit from the stereo pipeline commercially available.

UI updates for enhanced productivity

Store effects trees as presets and use them in other projects or share them with your colleagues. Nodes organised into logical groups. Store the most commonly used nodes in custom folders for quick retrieval.

Automated, multi-layer texture extraction

It is now possible to generate Normal, Displacement, Occlusion and Colour maps in a fast and user friendly way. Combined with Mesh simplification tools, this edition of PFTrack has the ultimate asset building toolset for Games, VR, and VFX professionals.

Expanded support for Digital Cinematography Cameras

Import and debayer Arri RAW directly in the tree. Automatically extract embedded camera metadata from RED and ARRI, and lens metadata from Cooke Optics. All available directly within the PFTrack 2017 tree and python scripting.

RGBD(Depth Sense) support

An exciting new feature, the depth sensing cameras are in their infancy, but this has been included so that PFTrack users can have early access to some experimental R&D. This video offers a glimpse into of the future of VFX and VR asset capture through PFTrack.


Rental offer for existing PFTrack users:

Exclusively for existing commercial PFTrack owners, rent the latest version of PFTrack on a monthly or quarterly basis. This offer gives you access to the best of this software, for only as long as you need it. 

Rent PFTrack for 30 days for £129.00; rent for 90 days for £319.00. 

If you are eligible for this offer then contact Graeme to organise the rental for you.