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Escape Technology Consultancy Service


Consultancy is a broad term, but when it comes to our business, we are specific about the kind of ‘consultancy’ we provide. We offer our clients elegant solutions, to complex problems.


Our Consultancy Service

Everything we do at Escape is centred around technology - how it functions within a pipeline, and how a team works with it. Our consultancy service makes sure those processes work the way they should. That means if you’ve noticed that something isn’t working properly then we can help you find out why, and most importantly of all, help you fix it.


Know What You’re Working With

With data getting bigger, teams working collaboratively across multiple locations and pipelines becoming increasingly more intricate projects can get complicated very quickly. Our Consultation Service also covers the phase before building a new pipeline and combines nicely with our Site Surveys to ensure you get the workflow you need in place in order to create incredible work.

Whether you’re an architect trying to understand linear colour or 3D workflows, or you need a super fast linux-based character pipe, we can help.


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